Italy / Apulia. 


Lacerta bilineata chlorosecunda  TADDEI, 1950

Terra Typica:

Type locality: “Taranto, Soleto (Lecce) e Capo S. Maria di Leuca”

Taxonomic notes:

According to MARZAHN et al. 2016 a synonym of Lacerta bilineata bilineata.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Taddei, A. (1950) -  Description of Lacerta bilineata chlorosecunda. -  In: “Le Lacerta (Lacerta) in Italia”. - Pontificia Academia Scientarum Commentationes, Roma 14 (5): 197-219.   

  • Marzahn, E., Mayer, W., Joger, U., Ilgaz, Ç, Jablonski, D., Kindler, C., Kumlutaş, Y., Nistri, A., Schneeweiss, N., Vamberger, M., Žagar, A. & Fritz, U. (2016) -  Phylogeography of the Lacerta viridis complex: mitochondrial and nuclear markers provide taxonomic insights. -  Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Berlin, 54 (2): 85-105.    




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