Andorra, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Jersey. Introduced to Guernsey and Dorset (England) and Kansas (United States).


Lacerta bilineata  DAUDIN, 1802

Subspecies (2):

Lacerta bilineata bilineata  DAUDIN, 1802

Lacerta bilineata chloronota  RAFINESQUE-SCHMALTZ, 1810

Common names:

Western Green Lizard (English)
Westliche Smaradgeidechse (German)


Holotype: unlocated; `la collection d`histoire naturelle d`Alexandre Brongniart … environs de Paris` (fide I. Doronin, pers. comm. Nov 2018), but not listed in Guibé 1954 for MNHN.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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