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  France:  15 species
Algyroides fitzingeri (WIEGMANN, 1834)
Archaeolacerta bedriagae bedriagae CAMERANO, 1885
Iberolacerta aranica (ARRIBAS, 1993)
Iberolacerta aurelioi (ARRIBAS, 1994)
Iberolacerta bonnali (LANTZ, 1927)
Lacerta agilis agilis LINNAEUS, 1758
Lacerta agilis garzoni  PALACIOS & CASTROVIEJO, 1975
Lacerta bilineata bilineata DAUDIN, 1802
Podarcis liolepis cebennensis (GENIEZ & GUILLAUME, 1986)
Podarcis liolepis liolepis (BOULENGER, 1905)
Podarcis muralis brongniardii (DAUDIN, 1802)
Podarcis siculus siculus (RAFINESQUE-SCHMALTZ, 1810)
Podarcis siculus campestris (DE BETTA, 1857)
Podarcis tiliguerta tiliguerta (GMELIN, 1789)

Lacerta agilis agilis


Lacerta agilis agilis


  LINNAEUS, 1758


Mainly in the center, north and east. The mediterranen coast is not reached, that of the Atlantic only in the Vendee area. An isolated area exists in the Pyrenees up to 2000 metres above sea level.


Lacerta agilis agilis  © 2005 Jan van der Voort