Zentral-Iran / Provinz Isfahan 


Eremias isfahanica  RASTEGAR-POUYANI et al., 2016


Isfahan Racerunner (English)
Isfahan Wüstenrenner (German)


Holotype: SUHC 3012, male, collected during August 2009 by S. Rafiei. Paratypes. Four males (SUHC 3008, 3009, 3013, 3014) and two females (SUHC 3016, 3017) were collected from the same locality as the holotype.

Terra Typica:

54 km nordwestlich von Isfahan City, bei Hassanije innerhalb des Ghomishloo National Park (32.84° N, 51.10° E; 1200 m NN).

Taxonomische Hinweise:

Subgenus Aspidorhinus

Relevante taxonomische Literatur:

  • Rastegar-Pouyani, E., S. Hosseinian, S. Rafiee, H.G. Kami, M. Rajabizadeh & M. Wink (2016) -  A new species of the genus Eremias Fitzinger, 1834 (Squamata: Lacertidae) from Central Iran, supported by mtDNA sequences and morphology -  Zootaxa 4132 (2): 207–220     




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