Mongolia / Bayanhongor Aymak / Tsagaan Bogd Uul Mountain; Atas Bogd Uul Mountain. 


Eremias multiocellata tsaganbogdensis  MUNKHBAYAR & BORKIN, 2010


ZISP.19956.1, Department of Herpetology, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.

Terra Typica:

Tsagaan Bogd Uul Mountain, Bayanhongor Aymak, southern Mongolia.

Taxonomic notes:

Subclade J-1 in the Orlova et al. (2017) analysis corresponds to two populations from southern Mongolia. The first population from southern part of Gobi-Altai Aimaq (vicinity of Altai Sum) morphologically fits in the diagnosis of the form Eremias multiocellata var. reticulata Bedriaga, 1912 described from eastern Dzungaria in China [no exact locality available]. The second population which is genetically very close to the first represents the isolated mountain-dwelling form found on Tsagan Bogdo Uul Mt. in Bayankhongor Aimaq. Recently based on morphological evidence this population was described as a new subspecies E. m. tsaganbogdensis (Munkhbayar & Borkin 2010); genetically it is very close to the population from Gobi-Altai Aimaq (p-distance = 0.2%). However, our mtDNA data indicate that these two populations are not related to E. multiocellata sensu stricto and genetically closer to E. przewalskii (clade K, p-distance = 2.3%). Thus, taxonomic status of “Eremias multiocellata var. reticulata” as well as of E. m. tsaganbogdensis requires further investigation using morphological evidence and additional genetic markers. Therefore, we tentatively refer to this form as E. cf. reticulata.

Source: Orlova et al. 2017

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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