Morocco / eastern High Atlas at high elevations (above 2,000 m a.s.l. for all localities whose elevation is precisely known) between Tislit Lake to the west and the Tizi n’Talremt Lake to the east. 


Acanthodactylus lacrymae  MIRALLES et al., 2020


Holotype: Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Paris), MNHN-RA-2018.0027 (formerly BEV.11991, tissue sample in the BEV tissue collection, code T5986), adult male, collected on May 29th 2012 by Philippe Geniez and Aurélien Miralles along the north-eastern shore of the lake of Tislit, north-eastern High Atlas chain, north of Imilchil, Morocco, 32.1986°N, 5.6292°W (WGS84), 2,260 m a.s.l.
Paratypes: Fifteen individuals, BEV.11980–11990, 11992–11995 (tissue sample codes T5975–5985, 5987–5990), collected at the type locality at the same date by the same observers.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Miralles, A. & Geniez, P. & Beddek, M. & Mendez-Aranda, D. & Brito, J.C. & Leblois, R. & Crochet, P.-A. (2020) -  Morphology and multilocus phylogeny of the Spiny-footed Lizard (Acanthodactylus erythrurus) complex reveal two new mountain species from the Moroccan Atlas -  Zootaxa 4747 (2): 302–326