Narrow coastal strip of central Namibia in the south to south-west Angola in the north.  


Meroles reticulatus  (BOCAGE, 1867)


Scapateira reticulata  BOCAGE, 1867

Common names:

Reticulated Desert Lizard (English)
Scharreidechse (German)


Syntype: ZMB 6475 (probably lost fide BAUER & GÜNTHER 1995)

Terra Typica:

Mossamedes, Angola; “Benguella, Angola” fide FITZSIMONS 1943: 357.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Bocage, J.V.B. du (1867) -  Descriptions of two new Sauriens from Mossamedes (West Africa). -  The Annals and magazine of natural history, (3) 20: 225-228.  


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