SE Egypt (Read Sea province), Sudan, Eritrea, E Ethiopia, N and central Somalia, Dschibuti. 


Pseuderemias mucronata  (BLANFORD, 1870)


Acanthodactylus mucronatus   BLANFORD, 1870

Eremias mucronata   BOULENGER, 1895

Pseuderemias mucronata   SZCZERBAK, 1975

Common names:

Blanford’s Racerunner (English)
Sinai Racerunner (English)
Blanfords Falsche Wüstenrenner (German)


Type: BMNH 1946.8.6.29 (and possibly additional specimens)

Terra Typica:

Anseba valley in Eritrea.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Blanford, W.T. (1870) -  Description of Pseuderemias mucronata. -  In: Observations on the Geology and Zoology of Abyssinia, made during the progress of the British expedition to that country in 1867-68. Part Zoology – Reptilia pp. 444-459.