Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Equatorial-Guinea, Gabon, and north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. 


Gastropholis echinata  (COPE, 1862)


Lacerta (Zootoca) echinata  COPE, 1862

Lacerta hirticauda   VAILLANT, 1884

Lacerta langi   SCHMIDT, 1919

Gastropholis echinata   ARNOLD, 1989

Common names:

Spiny-tailed Lizard (English)


Holotype: lost, was USNM 5995

Holotype: AMNH 10525, Medje, Ituri Forest (`langi`)

Terra Typica:

Not specified, by LOVERIDGE (1941) very likely Liberia.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Cope, E.D. (1862) -  On Lacerta echinata and Tiliqua dura. -  Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1862: 189-191.  

  • Loveridge, A. (1941) -  Report on the Smithsonian-Firestone expeditions (collections of reptiles and amphibians from Liberia). -  Proceedings of the United States National Museum, 91: 113-140.