Armenia, northeastern Türkiye (Vilayets Erzurum, Ardahan and Agri) and southern Georgia. 


Darevskia unisexualis  (DAREVSKY, 1966)


Lacerta saxicola defilippii  CHERNOV, 1939

Lacerta `unisexualis`  DAREVSKY, 1966

Darevskia unisexualis  ARRIBAS, 1997

Common names:

White-Bellied Lizard (English)
Weissbauch-Felseneidechse (German)


Holotype: ZISP 17929, female (also given as ZIAS, Zool. Inst., Academy of Science, Leningrad).

Terra Typica:

Achta, in the canyon of Razdan River in northern Armenia, 1800 m asl.

Taxonomic notes:

Parthenogenetic unisexual species. As well as D. bendimahiensis and D. sapphirina comes from a cross of D. valentini (♂) and D. raddei (♀).

Etymology: The species name is derived from Latin words “unis”—single, only, and “sex”—gender, in reference to the parthenogenetic method of reproduction of this species.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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