Caucasus (Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and adjacent northeastern Turkey. 


Darevskia derjugini  (NIKOLSKY, 1898)

Subspecies (6):

Darevskia derjugini derjugini  (NIKOLSKY, 1898)

Darevskia derjugini abchasica  (BISCHOFF, 1982)

Darevskia derjugini barani  (BISCHOFF, 1982)

Darevskia derjugini boehmei  (BISCHOFF, 1982)

Darevskia derjugini orlowae  (BISCHOFF, 1984)

Darevskia derjugini silvatica  (BARTENEF & REZNIKOVA, 1931)

Darevskia derjugini ssp. 


Lacerta derjugini  NIKOLSKY, 1898

Darevskia derjugini  ARRIBAS, 1997

Common names:

Artvin Lizard (English)
Artwiner Eidechse (German)
Артвинская ящерица (Russian)


derjugini: Lectotype: ZISP 9101.1 (fide Orlova, 1978)

abchasica: Holotype: MTD (originally: MM = Museum Magdeburg);
Paratypes in ZFMK and MM

barani: Holotype: MTD (originally: MM = Museum Magdeburg); Paratypes: ZFMK, MM, SZE and CAS

boehmei: Holotype: MTD (= MTKD); Paratypes: ZFMK, MTD (= MTKD), MM, ZMB, AMNH and USNM

orlowae: Holotype: ZFMK 38047, paratypes in MTD (= MTKD)

silvatica: Syntypes: ZISP 15201, 15203. 15205, Coll. A.N. Bartevef

Terra Typica:

derjugini: Artvin, NE Turkey.

abchasica: Suchumi, Georgia.

barani: Botanical Garden of Batumi, Georga.

boehmei: Mount Achun near Sotschi, Russia.

orlowae: Near Pasanauri, Georgia.

silvatica: Caucasus Reserve, `glade Lagernaja on the Belaya River, Russia. (BISCHOFF 1982: 49)

Taxonomic notes:

Systematics is debatable: perhaps some subspecies are not valid (Tuniyev & Ostrovskikh 2006; Kosushkin & Grechko 2013): Distribution patterns and geographical variations of Darevskia derjugini (Nikolsky, 1898) are discussed. D. derjugini has been found to have a continuous habitat within the Russian Federation and Abkhazia and a clinal variation of its morphological characteristics. Specimens from the more ancient southern foothill populations have much more pholidosis characters than lizards from the northern and high-mountain populations formed after the Glacier period (Pleistocene). On the basis of our data D. derjugini should be considered as a monotypic species with the subspecies D. d. silvatica, D. d. boehmei and D. d. abchasica being junior synonyms of D. d. derjugini. Verification is required.

Igor Doronin.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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