Russia / South-East of Chechnya and Ingushetia (5 - 7 km east to the Verkhniy Alkun settlement). 


Darevskia caucasica vedenica  (DAREVSKY & ROITBERG 1999)


Holotype: ZISP 17744(1), adult male.

Terra Typica:

1 km south of Vedeno (rock faces along the road Vedeno—khorachoi), SE Chechen Republic [1 km south of the of Vedeno Village, rock faces along the road Vedeno—kharachoi (= Khоrachoi), Russian Federation, Vedensky District, Chechnya].

Taxonomic notes:

Etymology: Named after the subspecies type locality.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Darevsky, I.S. & Roitberg, E.S. (1999) -  A new subspecies of the Rock lizard Lacerta caucasica (Sauria, Lacertidae) from the South-East of Chechen Republic on the Caucasus. -  Russian Journal of Herpetology, Moscow, 6 (3): 209-214.    




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