Spain / Cantabrian Mountains and Galicia. 


Iberolacerta monticola cantabrica  (MERTENS, 1929)


Lacerta monticola cantabrica  MERTENS, 1929


Holotype: SMF 22098, paratypes: NMW 16089:1,2

Terra Typica:

Paratype locality: Rodiezmo, Cantabrisches Gebirge, NW Spain.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Mertens, R. (1929) -  Zur Kenntnis der Eidechsenfauna Nordwest-Spaniens. -  Senckenbergiana, Frankfurt/Main, 11: 282-289.   

  • Mayer, W. & Arribas, O. (2003) -  Phylogenetic relationships of the European lacertid genera Archaeolacerta and Iberolacerta and their relartionships to some other ´Archaeolacertae´ (sensu lato) from Near East, derived from mitochondrial DNA sequences. -  Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Berlin, 41 (3): 157-161.    




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