Eastern part of the Lake Van basin in Turkey. Other parts of northeastern Turkey need further investigation.


Darevskia raddei vanensis  (EISELT, SCHMIDTLER & DAREVSKY, 1993)


Holotype: NMW 32999; paratypes in FMNH, MHNL, MZF, and NMW

Terra Typica:

Castle Hill of the city of Van, 1720 m [elevation], Turkey

Taxonomic notes:

With the introduction of the new subspecies Darevskia raddei chaldoranensis, the intermediate form, from the north-east of Turkey and the north-west of Iran, between Darevskia raddei raddei and Darevskia raddei vanensis (EISELT et al., 1993), might have been described. Also the Ararat population (PANNER, 2005; 2010) might be part of this newly described subspecies. Additional research is necessary to determine the actual distribution of all subspecies.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Eiselt, J. & Schmidtler, J.F. & Darevsky, I.S. (1993) -  Untersuchungen an Felseidechsen (Lacerta saxicola-Komplex) in der östlichen Türkei. 2. Eine neue Unterart der Lacerta raddei BOETTGER, 1892 (Squamata: Sauria: Lacertidae). -  Herpetozoa, Wien, 6 (1/2): 65-70.    


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